Congratulations to Nicole on a 1st place finish at the International & World DSISO Swimming Championships!

I just got word from Nicole’s mother Kathy (who accompanied Nicole to Italy for the championships) that Nicole placed 1st for her synchronized swimming solo today!!!

Nicole got to go to the podium with the Canadian flag around her shoulders, signed by her team mates, and they played O Canada as the flags of the winners were raised.

The second place synchro winner was from the host country of Italy, and it was pretty close with Nicole scoring 64.3 to her 63.6.

Before swimming her solo, Nicole swam in the 4 X 50 metre freestyle relay for Canada, as the third swimmer in their group.  They made it to the finals, which took place after the solo, and placed 7th in the world.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO NICOLE!  Wish I could be there, and I look forward to seeing your medal once you get home!

* * *

Like I posted of the opening ceremonies, there should be a video update on YouTube from Italy soon – I will post it as soon as I get it!

* * *

Women’s 4 X 50 metre relay preliminary results: CLS-ASF-4X50SL-ELIM-ALL

Women’s 4 X 50 metre relay final results: CLS-ASF-4X50SL-FINALE-01

Synchronized swimming solo routine results: synchro_solo

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